Signature Ingredients

Signature Ingredients



The delicious smells coming from our kitchen and from your bowl of ramen are from a carefully measured and blended concoction of leek, garlic, and onion oils that are freshly-made by our chef daily. Each of our ramen is prepared with its own unique combination of oils.


The rich soup used in our Tonkotsu Ramen requires us to boil pork and chicken bones separately for many hours to achieve a Brix index measurement of 8%. The constant boiling converts collagen into gelatin, giving the soup a deliciously creamy texture.



At Yama Ramen, we take great pride in ensuring that the ingredients that go into our ramen bowls are only of the finest quality. That’s why we source our noodles from the best local noodle makers in New York. In this way, we’re able to ensure that all noodles are free of preservatives and alkaline salts that are commonly used in noodle-making. The noodles we’ve chosen are customized in terms of texture and thickness to complement the different soup bases we serve.



Succulent and tender, our signature Yakibuta (grilled pork) is achieved through a stringent process starting from prime cuts of meat being hand-picked by our chef daily. The quality pork pieces chosen are then carefully marinated with a special blend of spices and various shoyu (soy sauces) and cooked for 8 hours using the advanced sous-vide cooking methodology. The result is flavorful pork slices that simply melt in your mouth.



Our signature molten tamago (egg) has a firm white with a tasty soft yolk and a flavorful marinated exterior. This is achieved through a stringent cooking process monitored by our chef and only the best eggs are selected and served to you.

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