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About Us


During a trip to Japan a couple of years ago, I fell in love with ramen. As basic as it is, ramen is very comforting and has a unique taste that’s satisfyingly good. My love of ramen soon turned into an obsession. I started a year-long journey discovering various types of ramen and ended up studying at the world famous Yamato Ramen School. It was there that I met my ramen sensei, Mr. Kaoru Fujii. Mr. Fujii has over 40 years of experience in ramen creation and restaurant operation. He taught me scientific ramen cooking—a method of cooking that allows for every bowl of noodles he creates to taste, smell, and be consistently delicious.

During my stay in Japan, I was also amazed by the Japanese Izakaya culture. Izakaya is a type of Japanese casual dining, the Japanese equivalent of tapas, a pairing of yakitori with sake. As you might imagine, they are popular places for the after-work drinking and socializing crowd. I have a sweet spot in my heart for Izakayas. My first stop after setting foot in Japan was an Izakaya and I still remember how tasty the food was, especially when paired with the correct sake!

After I came back to the USA I met my executive chef, Mr. Yamakage. He had been a chef cooking authentic Japanese food for over 10 years in Tokyo and had recently moved to San Francisco. Together, we established Yamato Ramen & Izakaya to introduce the deeply satisfying bowls of noodles and the unique Izakaya styled dining culture to New York City. I truly hope that Yamato Ramen & Izakaya will be a special place for New Yorkers to eat and drink when they feel like experiencing a little piece of Japan.

Owner & Co-Partner
Kenneth Yin

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